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The Magic Bike, Part III, Nova Scotia

The Magic Bike – Part III

The sun rises and moves through cloudless skies, then sets. The moon rises and floats through a starry night, sets. The sun rises, moving through the empty blue sky, sets; The moon comes up like a big orange ball on the horizon, and gently makes its way across the navy sky, sets. The sun rises, […]

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Magic Bike Feather

The Magic Bike – Part II

With such a winter of snow, ice, wind, and rain, I enthusiastically agreed to bicycle to Hubbards on Saturday during a break in the weather (10 degrees!) to do a few ‘errands': getting the Globe and Mail for Philip and fresh Julien’s bread for me, to name a few! As I rode my Magic Bike […]

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The Magic Bike, Hubbards, NS

The Magic Bike – Part I

Where does Cathy go on her bike? This was the title of a story that my friend, Erin Dunsworth, wrote for me when she was seven years old, as a birthday gift (I had just turned 50). Like a flying carpet that can take its rider anywhere she wants to go, my magic bike brings […]

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