Powerful Seacoast Stories & Peggy’s Cove Preservation Area – 1 Day


While Peggy’s Cove is famous around the world for its beautiful lighthouse and the picturesque fishing village, the surrounding Peggy’s Cove Preservation Area has been described as magnificent, awe-inspiring and spiritual.

This day trip is great for the explorer, adventurer, history buff and people interested in the arts. You will hear about a famous shipwreck, see a miniature village and be told about the imagined legend of Peggy.

Season/ Weather: May-October – Dress according to the weather, bring a light jacket as the ocean breeze tends to be cool.


From Halifax drive to the S.S Atlantic Heritage Park and Interpretation Centre in Terence Bay to learn about the worst marine disaster to occur on the Canadian coast prior to the Titanic. You can walk along the boardwalk taking in the breath-taking views, and enjoy some history about the S.S Atlantic.  Walk down to the Sandy Cove Beach, and enjoy the feeling of sand between your toes before you hit the road again. In Prospect be sure to discover the miniature village built by a folk artist.

Now head to Peggy’s Cove Preservation Area. Be very careful climbing the rocks as it can be dangerous near the edge of the ocean.

Thousands of years ago, a great glacier moved through, leaving behind boulders and massive rocks that stand majestic in this geological environment. When the ice melted, lichens and mosses filled in the cracks in the rocks creating little ecosystems and small gardens which softened the edges of the landscape.  This powerful and moving place will leave you with unexplained feelings of being connected to a profound, natural world.

Lunch: at Nixie’s Café or Rhubarb Restaurant

Afternoon: To hear the legend about how Peggy’s Cove got her name be sure to head to Ivan’s Peggy of the Cove. While driving along Peggy’s Cove Road you will see this beautifully painted building on the right, that painting is the world’s largest painting of Peggy’s Cove.  (The museum closes at 5pm – So be sure to make it there before closing!)

As you roam look for open art studios as this area abounds in creativity. Do stop in and bring home art to remind you of your trip.

Continue driving down the road and stop in at White Sails Bakery for a treat, and sit out on the brightly coloured chairs overlooking the ocean.




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