Prospect & Terence Bay

Home to fishermen for over 200 years, the community of Prospect has a connection to the sea even deeper than the sea itself. Let the gigantic granite outcroppings from which the ocean carved this area set the backdrop as you experience all that the Prospect area has to offer. Explore a shipwreck, wander the streets of a miniature town, or picnic on a lakeside beach. Learn to kayak or fine-tune your golfing skills all while soaking in the culture of this colorful seaside region.

Hidden Gem:

Leave your troubles on shore and get out on the water! Guided tours and rental equipment are available from East Coast Outfitters and Nova Shores Adventures.

Things to Do:

The S.S. Atlantic Heritage Interpretation Park:Board a shipwreck without donning a wetsuit. Interpretive centre, waterfront and boardwalk all in arms reach!

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The Folk Art Village:Take a keepsake photo of this handcrafted miniature seaside town.

Hike the dramatic headlands and rugged barrens in the Terrance Bay Wilderness:Trails are informal and unmaintained.

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Go hiking – Prospect style:Tour the footpath or rocky shore, where you can walk, crawl and climb along gigantic granite outcrops at Prospect Village.

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Arrange a tee time!

Launch your boat and fish from the bay:When you fish for mackerel from a local government wharf, you’re sure to meet some of our friendly folk.

Prospect Village Government Wharf:Located near the end of Prospect Bay Road in Prospect Village.

  • Shad Bay Government Wharf:
    3962 Hwy#333, Shad Bay.
  • Terence Bay Boat Launch:
    Located on the Terence Bay Road in Terence Bay.
  • Lower Prospect Government Wharf:
    Located at the end of Lower Prospect Road, Lower Prospect.
Scuba dive to discover our undersea world:Over 200 years of fishing in our small harbors and bays has created interesting dive sites. Bring your own gear or guided tours, dive training and rental equipment are available from Torpedo Rays in Halifax.

  • Sandy Cove Beach:
    Sandy Cove beach is close to the wreck of the S.S. Atlantic. Located at the end of Sandy Cove Road in Terence Bay.
Photo Opportunity:The Folk Art Village in Prospect.

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