Hunt for Treasures, Explore Caves and Pan for Gold – 2 Day Adventure on Bluenose Coast

2 day adventure oiBegin your first day at Oak Island which is the home of the world’s longest treasure hunt that actually continues today. The story is shrouded in mystery and tall tales of pirates and buried treasure. Be sure to book you tour on line at The hunt is still on and the only access to the island is through the tours.

The following day you will go gold panning on the beach, and explore the trail that will bring you to mystical caves carved by the sea at the Ovens Natural Park in Feltzen South.

After exploring The Oven’s you will go to the seaside town of Mahone Bay where Main Street has an abundance of different shops where you can find “lots of loot” to takehome.

Day 1- Oak Island

Morning: Begin your journey by learning about the most famous treasure hunt! Go to the old train station in Chester that is now home to the Oak Island Exhibit- and the visitor’s information center.

Afternoon: Now that you have learned the history of Oak Island, it’s time to go for a tour of Oak Island! Tours are only on select dates due to the current treasure hunt – but don’t worry if you miss them you can always rent a kayak and explore around the island.
-Kayak rentals available at the Kayak Shack

A great place to stay is at Atlantica Oak Island which overlooks the famous island and has heaps of amenities and a great dining room, spa and pool. So lounge around and splurge on dinner

Evening: Dine at La Vista dining room at Atlantica Oak Island or head for Chester Basin and the Seaside Shanty for their famous chowder. 004.JPGSeaside ShantyDay 2 – The Ovens and Mahone Bay

Morning: Ovens Natural Park


Sea Caves at The Ovens

Continue your treasure hunt at the Ovens Natural Park

            -Pan for gold on the rocky beach and relive the excitement of Nova Scotia’s 1891 gold rush at the Ovens Natural Park in Feltzen South. While you are there, tour the sea caves in a professionally guided Zodiac Boat Tour. If you decide to explore on land, be cautious in and around the caves, and wear proper footwear!

Lunch: Have lunch at the Ol’ Gold Miner Diner that is located at The Ovens Natural Park.

Afternoon: Mahone BayDrive to Mahone Bay and shop for the many treasures you can find in the shops along Main Street. The main street is filled with craft and arts shops.

A few must visit shops are:
– Amos Pewter
– Encompassing Designs Rug Hooking Studio
– Mahone Bay Quilt Shop
– The Tea Brewery
– The Teazer
– Northern Sun Gallery & Gifts
– Suttles and Seawinds

Enjoy a daringly delicious beer from one of the 17 local and imported beers that the Mug and Anchor has on tap. Sip on your beer, while enjoying a delectable meal- whether you are a seafood fanatic or a landlubber there is something delicious on the menu. You can choose to sit inside, or enjoy the views of the harbor outside on the deck.white-logo





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