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Chester- Evening

You will go to The Galley Restaurant and enjoy a delicious dinner, while savouring the beauty of the sailboats coming and going, and the beautiful view overlooking the Chester Basin.

After dinner, you will enjoy a performance at the Chester Playhouse.


The Chester Playhouse

Evening: Enjoy dinner at The Galley Restaurant overlooking the Chester basin, and attend an evening performance at the Chester Playhouse. The Galley offers a Dinner Theatre Package offering 1 adult ticket to an evening performance at the Chester Playhouse, and a choice of a 3-course menu for $49+hst.

-Call or Take a look at their websites for more information

The Galley-   / 902-273-3463

Chester Playhouse-   / 902-275-3633

Chester Jim_0228

That’s right, Chester is AWESOME ;)


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