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Tancook Island-1 Day

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Colourful homes on Tancook Island


The Island’s lifeline- Tancook Island Ferry

Start the day off by  going to Julien’s Bakery to grab a picnic to bring along with you to Tancook Island. Board the ferry to begin your journey to Tancook Island, and enjoy the scenery on board of the Tancook Island Ferry.

Explore the Island, and imagine what it would be like to live on such a small island. You can ride your bikes, or hike around the island. On your trek you will discover the perfect beach, or lookout spot to enjoy your picnic.


Morning: Stop in Chester, at Julien’s Bakery to pick up their famous lobster sandwich- bring it along with you to Tancook Island for a picnic.


Tancook Island

Take the Ferry to Tancook Island, it is a 50-minute ferry ride where you can relax and enjoy the sights. Make sure to bring a sweater or a windbreaker, as it can get a little chilly from the ocean breeze.

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You might even be lucky enough to see a whale from the Tancook Island Ferry


Leaving Chester Leaving Tancook
Monday-Friday 7am, 1020am, 240pm, 530pm 6am, 8am, 130pm, 430pm
Friday Evening 830 pm, 11pm 630pm, 930pm
Saturday 1pm, 7pm 9am, 6pm
Sundays & Holidays 10am, 6pm 9am, 5pm


–       If you don’t have your own bike, rent one from the Chester & Area Visitors Information Centre. 275-4616

Don’t miss: Popple Rock gift shop

                    -Tancook Museum

                    -Wishing Stone Gallery

                    -The Curious Crow Studio

Make sure that you schedule your journey according to the Ferry schedule above.



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