Ross Farm Museum Brings Agricultural History To Life

BluenoseCoast-505 Ross Farm Museum, Nova Scotia’s living museum of agriculture has been called the best hidden gem in the Bluenose Coast region. Take exit 9 off Highway #103 to #12 or as the locals call it – the New Ross Road. Plan to spend the better part of a day as you and the family will want to take a hay ride around the property that is Ross Farm Museum to learn what life was like on a farm 100-175 years ago. Today visit the old homestead, the barns, a stave mill, heritage animals and a 1830s vintage store with many of the items that have been made on the farm. Have you ever had the chance to get milk from a cow? Each day at 4:30pm visitors to Ross farm can try their hand at cow milking, and accompany the farmer as he separates the cream from the milk, in preparation for making butter.

Admission to Ross Farm Museum is:
Adults                                                             $6.00
Children                                                          $2.00
Family {2 adults & School age children}  $15.00

milking2sm The Ground Breaking for the new Learning Centre at the Farm, took place on July 22, 2014. To learn more about the project visit :


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