My Favourite Beach on Nova Scotia’s Bluenose Coast

We have a secret little beach we love to visit on warm summer days.  In fact, it is so secret that I’ve actually met plenty of locals who don’t know about it.  Sand Dollar Beach isn’t isolated but it isn’t obvious either.



We first found out about Sand Dollar Beach several years ago when a colleague of mine told me about going to look for sand dollars to decorate for her wedding.  Intrigued, we went looking for it the following weekend.  It is located in Rose Bay, roughly 15 minutes outside Lunenburg.  The narrow entrance and gravel driveway to the parking area is somewhat hidden by tall grasses and made it a challenge to find on our first visit.  It was well worth the effort, though.


We fell in love with the beach right away.  It is a long flat expanse of grey-black sand that is exposed at low tide and completely covered but very shallow water at high tide, making it a perfect ocean playground for small children.  The shallow water is warm and the surf washing on the shore is small and gentle.  We come here quite often now that we have young children.  We know they can run and play in the sand and water without us having to worry about them going too deep or being frightened by cold water and waves.



There are plenty of sea shells to be found, too.  We picked up quite a few sand dollars and other sea shells on our first visit but have been careful to leave our discoveries for others to find ever since then.  And here’s a hint: if sand dollars are what you are after, the further you go along the beach and towards the ocean the more you are likely to find.


There is a private residence on the point of land overlooking the beach.  The family who owns the house believe everyone should have access to Nova Scotia’s beaches and so they donated the land for the parking lot to the municipality to allow for public access.  Unfortunately, the parking area is small, they have encountered problems with people blocking their driveway, so if you visit be considerate about where you leave your car.  Also, be aware that there are no washroom facilities available at the beach.

The map below should help you find Sand Dollar Beach … but before you rush off with your beach towel, make sure you check the local tides first and avoid arriving too close to high tide.  Although there is a small stretch of sand exposed during high tide, the charm of this special beach is only truly evident at lower tides.


Christina owns Experience Nova Scotia, a travel company providing one-of-a-kind, authentic experiences with Nova Scotians sharing what they love.



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