Magic Bike VII

Rider1 Summer activities are ramped up now! The rainy spring is (hopefully) a distant memory filed away with the other epic weather events of our lives – and epic, indeed, was the rain, cold, and wind!

The Hubbards Market opened its doors with vendors and shoppers bundled, and I pounded through grayness on my bicycle. As I rode, I looked around me for photo opportunities: for flowers, greenery, a patch of blue…For weeks, we watched the ‘splotches’ of colour – coltsfoot, tulips, daffodils, crocuses, dandelions, hyacinth, magnolia, rhododendrons, azelias – and one day, the sun came out and revealed the absolute splendour. I imagined us all gasping in breathtaking wonder, inhaling deeply of the perfumes, and bowing to the sun (doesn’t everyone do yoga in one way or another?!) We celebrated the summer solstice, and here we are (complaining of the heat?)

Some rides that I have enjoyed over the past month or so:

  • Market commuting on  Saturdays…some days good, some days not so good…
  • The annual RECAP Father’s Day Ride (you can see a report on the ride at;
  • Riding to the lake for a nice long swim (times two);
  • Girls Ride in the valley in June, beginning and ending in Port Williams. It looked like rain, but was lovely and warm, much warmer than by the ocean. We got some warmth nourishment, which all of us needed, put a few miles on our legs, and some yummy crème caramel in our bellies…;
  • Bicycling to my ensemble rehearsal at my music teacher’s house in Hubbards. [This was one of my more difficult rides, despite the fact that it is a regular commute, because I was right in the middle of our Freewheeling guide training day! I just ran out the door, hopped on my bike, raced to Hubbards, played the piano, and raced back to Freewheeling.] (We gathered there before the concert to practice our big finale of Bonnie’s Music for Young Children concert, “Memories”: my “ladies group” on the piano (Jane Bayer Venas, Cathy Layton and me) with ‘younger’ people: Jasmine Pannozzo Oddy, cello, Tara Ehler, harp, and Duncan McAllister, violin. We received a standing ovation at the concert! Word spread, and we were invited to perform in the ACES talent show, last day of teaching for Glynda Wimmer, music teacher extraordinaire! I was invited to play the piano, with Jasmine and Tara, with Caleb Ehler on the viola.)
  • Cycling to teach yoga at the Hubbards Sailing Club, 9:15-10 a.m. Fridays. This is a sweet little class on the deck of the sailing club, with some easy yoga poses followed by sweet little snacks!
  • And… riding my racing bike just for the pure joy of it!


See you at the beach!


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