Magic Bike IX

Though the winter weather was harsh this year, there were some ‘bluebird’ days. I stopped the little beach on Mill Cove Shore Road in February to admire the beautiful blue of the ocean, the white sand, and sunny sky: this could be the middle of summer, I thought, as I snapped this picture of my bike?


I had a few good rides this winter, mostly with a vicious headwind in the morning on the way to Hubbards, and a welcome tailwind on the way home (usually with a bit of rain mixed in…)

I wrote this after a winter commute to music class a month or so ago:

Pumpin’ gas
Our bodies, the engines
We have spark plugs, pistons, belts,
the stinky output,
the ‘wheels’ turning
and a place to put in the fuel.
Good fuel comes from good food,
clean, fresh air,
and nirbija samadhi – seedless thought.
How will I convince people that
thoughts can taste bad,
and make us sick? I thought,
as I rode my bicycle to music class today into a chilly headwind.

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