Summer Sweets & Ice Cream Treats

sweet-treasures-confectioneryMany visitors go to the Town of Lunenburg to experience the history of this World UNESCO heritage site, or to see Nova Scotia’s Ambassador, the Bluenose II- I on the other hand visit Lunenburg for purely  ‘sweet-tooth’ gratifying reasons. Don’t get me wrong, the history, and the pure beauty of the town is alluring but the sweets found at Sweet Treasures are truly amazing. As a child growing up in the small town of Lunenburg I anticipated the summer, not for sunshine or a break from school but because Sweet Treasures opened in the summer. I caught myself spending all my allowance on their delicious homemade ice cream. Nine years later, I still anticipate the opening of Sweet Treasures, and often find myself making the hour drive to Lunenburg just to get a taste of it. I always go for the homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream, and although to some $3.75 for one scoop of ice cream may sound steep, I must clarify that one scoop of ice cream at Sweet Treasures is more like 3 large scoops at any other ice cream shop. If you are not an ice cream person, you can still indulge in Sweet Treasures incredible, delicious, homemade fudge. There is an assortment of flavours, and kinds of fudge that would make any sweet tooth satisfied.



Is your mouth watering yet?

Just a little tip, they only take cash at sweet treasures so make sure you have enough on hand to avoid having to run up the road to an ATM.


Happy Summer Days,

Ocean Girl

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