Move over Blueberries, there is NEW berry in town.


Move over Blueberries, there is a NEW berry in town.


A few days ago, I went to the Haskapa Haskap Farm in Blockhouse, NS. All I knew before driving to the farm was that they had a crop of berries new to North America. Driving along the road, it was obvious that I had arrived at the farm when I saw rows upon rows of bushes, all in lines going up the hill.


When I arrived at the farm I was taken over to see what the bushes looked like, and I was actually able to try a berry that was picked straight from the bush! – The berry was absolutely delicious; it had such a wonderful taste, I wish I could have brought home an entire bucket full of them, although I am not sure I would have made it home before eating them all. The berries themselves have a blue skin, and the inside is a deep crimson red.

IMG_5542 Next, I got to sample the Haskap Juice- I have honestly never tasted such a great tasting beverage and apparently it goes great with a little vodka or gin. I normally don’t eat berries, or any fruit for that matter, neither do I drink juice but after trying the Haskaps – I am convinced; that these berries may just be the most delicious things EVER.


Along with a fantastically delicious taste the berries also reap many health benefits, and are considered “The fruit of Life longevity and Fruit of vision” by the ancient Japanese. Not only are these berries lip smackingly scrumptious, but they also have so many health benefits… and to sweeten the deal, Haskapa Farms are fully organic too!



6 Interesting, weird, and cool facts about Haskaps

  1. 3x the antioxidants than any other high bush berries
  2. The Haskap berry has more vitamin C than Oranges
  3. It originally comes from Siberia
  4. 1st introduced in Canada around 1967
  5. Haskapa Haskap Farm in Nova Scotia has produced the very 1st Haskap juice in North America!
  6. Haskap means ‘the many presents on the branch’ in Japanese


Haskapa is so fantastic; I am so happy and proud to know that it is all happening in the Bluenose Coast.  When you are planning your adventure through the Bluenose Coast, these guys are definitely a place I would put on a Must-Do list! Its always fun discovering something new that not many people know about.


Check out their website for full details on their products, recipes, the farm, and the berries-

Until next time,

Ocean Girl

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