8 Unique Foods You Will Find in The Bluenose Coast (that are not seafood)

8 Unique Foods You Will Find in The Bluenose Coast (that are not seafood)

Yes, you read that correctly- we do have more to offer than just seafood! We have plenty of traditional dishes in the Bluenose Coast that don’t include seafood

Myth 1: All Bluenoser’s eat is seafood-BUSTED. (But we do, REALLY love our seafood)

Check out some of the unique foods of the Bluenose Coast that I have listed below;

9707471.Nova Scotia Beer Warmer: This local favorite is usually drunk in the winter. The Nova Scotia Beer Warmer is simply a glass of beer with a couple drops of hot sauce mixed in.





2.Moon Mist Ice cream: Moon Mist Ice-cream is a delicious blend of Banana, Grape and Blueberry flavouring, and can only be found in the Maritimes! This flavour of ice cream creates a thrilling visual and tasteful sensation that everyone enjoys.




IMG_16543.Nova Scotia Brown Bread Nova Scotia Brown Bread is made with molasses and rolled oats.



hodgepodge_large4.Hodge Podge: Hodge Podge is a main dish served in the Bluenose Coast- it is made with an array of fresh vegetables, cream, butter, and is seasoned only with salt and pepper.



5.Lunenburg Pudding: If you order Lunenburg Pudding for desert you may get some funny looks. Lunenburg Pudding has a deceiving name, because it is not in fact pudding but a type of sausage. This coiled sausage contains beef, pork, and animal organs. Yummy!


579385_10151322986250563_491627718_n6.Solomon Gundy: Otherwise known as pickled herring, Solomon Gundy is a local favourite! (Okay you caught me, I did sneak some seafood into here.)




2720027607_5d4ee392fe7.Blueberry Grunt: This traditional desert found on the Bluenose Coast is also called a slump, fungy, buckle, or bang belly. It is made with blueberries, and dumplings- a fantastic mixture that is sure to make you ‘grunt’ with delight


4954650844_3c9150cf35_o8. Krispi Kraut (sauerkraut): Traditional Sauerkraut is made on Tancook Island, and it is made from aged cabbage. Krispi Kraut is a popular type of sauerkraut produced in Lunenburg.





I hope you give some of these a try on your visit to the Bluenose Coast!

Until next time,

Ocean Girl


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