The Magic Bike – Part III

The Magic Bike, Part III, Nova ScotiaThe sun rises and moves through cloudless skies, then sets.
The moon rises and floats through a starry night, sets.
The sun rises, moving through the empty blue sky, sets;
The moon comes up like a big orange ball on the horizon,
and gently makes its way across the navy sky, sets.
The sun rises, wind is light, air cool, with a winter bite
and spring promise.
I ride my bike in the charged atmosphere of the moon and sun sandwich.
I feel magically suspended between golden orbs,
the cool grace of the moon’s shine,
the radiance of the sun, dancing on waves, melting the snow in rivulets,
as I pedal along, enjoying the expanses of ocean, clear air,
and blue that is gentle, soft, and so good for our souls,
as winter falls away.

~ Catherine Guest, late February 2013


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