The Magic Bike – Part I

The Magic Bike, Hubbards, NS

Where does Cathy go on her bike? This was the title of a story that my friend, Erin Dunsworth, wrote for me when she was seven years old, as a birthday gift (I had just turned 50). Like a flying carpet that can take its rider anywhere she wants to go, my magic bike brings me on all kinds of adventures.
The Magic Bike Cover Art
Yesterday, I rode my bike to Hubbards for my weekly piano lesson. It was -12˚C when I woke up, but the weatherman boasted sunshine all day, with temperatures rising. The roads were dry, though salty, which meant I needed to protect my bike’s “delicate parts” (chain, derailleur, spoke nipples) with a fresh oiling.

I laughed out loud as I rode into a gentle northwest wind (it had been howling for a week) – it was so nice to be out in the cold fresh air! Seagulls were back lit against the bright sun, and I was cozy as can be in layers of wool, warm mittens and neoprene shoe covers.

After our music lesson, our musical group met at the Trellis Cafe for a delicious snack – yummy and warming – then I rode back home to The Lodge, 11 km away, with a tailwind. That’s another thing I love about winter: the wind is almost always blowing northerly, and I get a great lift back towards Southwest Cove.

Cathy will keep you posted regularly on her magic bike cycling adventures.


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